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A webring made of the System Crafters community.

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# Name URL About Owner
1 @tdback [rss] A geek with too many interests. Tyler Dunneback
2 @glenneth [rss] Hello there! I'm Glenn Thompson, and this is the beginning of a journey I'm thrilled to share with you. Glenn Thompson
3 @trev [rss] I am a programmer working with Rust in the crypto industry. Trevor Arjeski
4 @naokotani [rss] I am a full stack developer based in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Chris Hughes
5 @scc [rss] System Crafters Community page with information about forum, chatting, other community projects, and News (RSS). David Wilson
6 @cow_2001 [rss] Kaka Farm has all of cow_2001's stuff! (RSS for the Kaka Farm Haunt blog) Yuval Langer
7 @purplg [rss] Software is fun. Hacking on Emacs packages or other random projects. Ben Whitley
8 @tusharhero [rss] I like computering, emacsing, programming and writing. tusharhero
9 @davisrichard437 [rss] Musician, part-time hobbyist crafter, sometimes both. Richard Davis
10 @jabbo [rss] Nerdy things, Emacs, Zettelkasten Jabbo
11 @hunter I use my last name as my first name. I've been using Emacs for several years. I use Arch, btw. Software Engineer specializing in Rust these days. Christerpher Hunter
12 @lionyxml [rss] I am an Engineer based in São Paulo, Brazil. Rahul Juliato
13 @shom [rss] I like people, dogs, photography, scuba-diving, computers, open-source software, privacy, and generally improving things where I can. Shom Bandopadhaya
14 @snamellit [rss] Electronics engineer, IT dev and architect, 3D printer with too many interest for the number of hours in a day. Peter Tillemans
15 @benoitj [rss] Messing around with computers and coding since I was 8. Now getting paid to do what I love. Benoit J
16 @thanosapollo [rss] Medical student, GNU Emacs & Gentoo enthusiast. Thanos Apollo
17 @idlip [rss] A Bioinformatics student, tinkering with Nixos and Emacs with the power of Org mode. Dilip

Community Rules

  1. Please refer to the System Crafters (SC) Community Guidelines.
  2. SC craftering is not going to police what you write on your site. However, if the site does not align well with our community guidelines, we reserve the right to remove the site from the webring. You will be notified via the comments section on the PR that added/removed your site. You can appeal the decision as described in the guidelines.

Joining Process

  1. All System Crafters community members are welcome!
  2. Open a Pull Request (PR) or issue on the Codeberg repo with your information filled out in websites.json file.
  3. You can also leave the ring by removing your site from the list and opening a PR.
  4. Your site will be added/removed when the PR is merged.
  5. Note: if you need help with git/Codeberg please join with your favorite IRC client and join the #systemcrafters room (or use the web chat) and we'd be happy to help.


BEFORE you open a PR or issue to add your site, please add the links below to your site. This will ensure that as soon as your site is added to list your site will be live on the ring. You can add the craftering to your site by adding three links, somewhere on your site, style it however you like as long as it's visible and legible.

Make sure to replace YOUR_NAME exactly as it appears in the slug parameter (including the @) that you're specifying in the PR or Issue

You can also just paste this html snippet and remember to replace YOUR_NAME, same as above.

  .craftering {
	  margin: auto;
	  width: 50%;
	  text-align: center;}
<div class="craftering">
  <a href="">←</a>  
  <a href="">craftering</a>  
  <a href="">→</a>